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Toughness&technology of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape

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Introduction to the manufacturers of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape,The current kraft paper tape is different from the previous products. The specific situation is mainly reflected in the industry, mainly due to the continuous promotion of adhesive tape, self-adhesive and other products in the tape market.
The raw material of kraft paper tape is kraft paper as the basic material, and the whole surface is covered with glue to make it more sticky. Waterproof, strength, stable adhesion.
The processing process of kraft paper tape is actually very complex, every link of the production process must be effectively controlled to ensure its quality and safety, and the appearance will not be torn or broken.
For example, the edges of high-quality materials are relatively neat after molding, and there are no defects such as glue overflow, gaps, etc., and there can be joints.
Kraft tape must comply with physical property standards and all links must be checked. In the process of production, we must strictly supervise and do every step to reduce production cost and improve efficiency. The national economy has improved.
After the use of kraft paper tape, it needs to be treated reasonably. After treatment, some waste will be produced, especially gas, which will seriously pollute the environment. But kraft paper is completely different from tape.
They and kraft paper bags have strong environmental protection functions. They have been used many times and can be reused without any pollution.
Kraft paper tape has strong toughness. No matter how you use it or how you touch it, it will not be damaged easily. In the process of use, it can not only protect the internal objects, but also avoid water intrusion, dust invasion or other adverse phenomena.

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