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Notes on wet water kraft paper tape printing!

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Wet kraft paper tape is mainly used for product packaging in the market, so when kraft paper tape is used for product packaging, printing quality becomes an important standard to measure technology.
For some mature large-scale printing plants, kraft paper tape printing, with unique technology and process flow, can achieve good results.
However, the lack of experience and equipment will lead to some problems in kraft paper tape printing.
Here are some details to improve the quality of kraft paper tape production and printing.
Some kraft paper tape in the production process, due to loose fiber, will produce paper powder, which will directly affect the printing effect, so the manufacturer needs to open the vacuum cleaning system in the production process of kraft paper tape to reduce the paper powder content, so as to improve the printing quality.
The choice of ink will directly lead to the quality of printing. Kraft paper tape is different from cardboard and coated paper. Kraft paper tape has no coating on its surface and has strong air permeability.
Therefore, kraft tape printing process needs more ink than coated kraft tape.
In this regard, the printing plant in the printing process should consider the secondary problem and reasonable choice of ink for printing.
Finally, I would like to remind you that there are many kinds of kraft, including domestic kraft paper tape and imported kraft paper tape, etc. the surface finish of different types of paper is also different.
This requires the printing plant to examine the specific situation of the paper before printing, and select the appropriate paper products for printing according to the needs of their own factories.

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