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Introduction of No PE writable kraft tapes!

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Here's to introduce the characteristics and application of non coated kraft paper tape:
Writable kraft paper tape, also known as non coated kraft paper tape, its use: applicable to the sealing of various cartons and plastic boxes, on top of cartons
Text pattern correction, in printing process.
The writable kraft tape is a green environmental protection product. The kraft paper is treated by a special process. It can be written on the surface and coated with environmental protection
Pressure sensitive glue can be used for easy label and writing. Special for export packaging of high-grade products.
The surface of kraft paper does not need to be coated with a film to directly fill the seam and apply silicon for anti sticking treatment. Pure wood pulp kraft paper is used as the base material,
Self adhesive kraft paper tape made by coating pressure-sensitive glue. It can be written on kraft paper tape. The product has good stickiness and is suitable for use
It is used for case sealing, packaging, temporary fixation, kraft paper tape setting, etc.

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