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Advantages and disadvantages of ECO friendly tape!

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According to the  ECO friendly tape manufacturer, cellophane tape is the one with the highest technical performance in the tape category. Therefore, mastering this kind of tape will greatly improve the manufacturing technology of various tapes. In this sense, I would like to make a more in-depth explanation.
Cellophane tape is said to have been invented by Mr. Dr ew of 3M company in 1930. But after the World War II, Japanese manufacturers began to produce, and soon they generally blossomed and occupied the market.
Advantages and disadvantages of cellophane tape
The advantages of cellophane tape are:
1) easy to tear by hand and easy to use.
2) Good transparency.
3) Beautiful and bright patterns and characters can be printed on the products. 4) It can be easily cut off with a simple cutter. 5) It's cheap. 6) Beautiful appearance.
The disadvantages of cellophane tape are:
1) poor water resistance.
2) It's easy to change color after a long time.
3) During the plum rain season, the side is easy to protrude (telescope phenomenon), etc.

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