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White kraft paper tape price grade&type!

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water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that white kraft paper tape, as a kraft paper tape product with more and more wide application range in recent years, has been used more and more in life and industry, as well as in gift packaging, gift box and other fields.
At the same time, with the diversification of user demand, the types of kraft paper tape are more and more, and the range of gram is also more and more The more widely they come.
The quality is different. As a professional kraft paper tape manufacturer, how to distinguish the grade, type, whiteness and quality of kraft paper tape.
1、 Classification of whiteness of kraft paper tape
Generally speaking, the whiteness of kraft paper tape is between 82 and 108 degrees. The higher the whiteness number, the whiter the kraft paper tape is.
Generally speaking, more phosphors and bleaching agents need to be added during production. Generally speaking, if the content of fluorescent substances is too high, the harm to human body will be greater.
In general, the higher the whiteness of kraft paper tape is, the more unsuitable it is for food packaging For example, the whiteness of kraft paper tape for food packaging is usually between 82 and 85 degrees, and the color of the white kraft paper tape is even yellow.
The general white kraft paper tape can be divided into white kraft paper tape, light yellow kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, high white kraft paper tape, super white kraft paper tape, snow white kraft paper tape, etc.
2、 Strength difference of different kinds of kraft paper tape
The strength of kraft paper tape is closely related to the composition of wood pulp fiber with different content. Generally speaking, the higher the content of long fiber wood pulp, the better the physical properties of kraft paper tape such as strength and tensile strength.
At the same time, the higher the constant fiber content, the higher the price of kraft paper tape. However, the higher the content of long fiber wood pulp, another problem will arise, That is, the paper surface of kraft paper tape cannot be processed smoothly. The higher the content of short fiber wood pulp, the lower the strength of kraft paper tape.
Therefore, the paper mill will produce kraft paper tape products with different proportions of long and short fibers according to the situation of users and different industries.
3、 How to choose kraft paper tape products when using kraft tape in different fields
Generally speaking, if the printing performance of general-purpose kraft paper tape is emphasized, the paper surface with smooth surface is preferred. If the high bursting strength and tensile strength of kraft paper tape are to be used, the smoothness of paper surface and part of printing performance should be appropriately sacrificed. The kraft paper tape with high long fiber content should be selected, and the strength should be higher High kraft paper tape needs to choose the Shenxing kraft paper tape.

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