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Cause of slippage wet water kraft paper tape!

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-08-01 22:27
Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that there are many types of kraft paper tape.

Wet kraft paper tape is one of them. Different types of kraft paper tape will have different problems in the use process.
Today, let's understand. What is the reason why the wet kraft paper tape slips during use?
After testing and analysis, it is determined that the reason of wet kraft paper tape slipping is due to excessive water applied in the production process.
Although the wet kraft paper tape needs to remain sticky after soaking in water, attention should be paid to it. This does not mean that the more water you use, the better.
If too much water is used in the production process, better viscosity will not be obtained, but the opposite effect will be produced.
Therefore, before use, we need to know the moisture degree of kraft paper tape, so as to avoid problems in the use process and affect the use effect.

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