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Directions of water activated kraft paper tape in the future!

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water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers believe that more than half of the year 2020, the biggest change is that the sudden epidemic has affected all walks of life, kraft paper tape industry is no exception. In 2020, green paper industry will continue to develop in-depth, kraft paper tape industry will continue to upgrade, continuously injecting new information and elements into China's kraft paper industry The market demand will continue to be weak as the impact of the situation on kraft paper tape papermaking will continue to be weak, which will once again intensify the contradiction between supply and demand in the kraft paper tape field. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, the demand reduction of kraft paper tape caused by the world economic downturn will force China's kraft paper tape manufacturers to continuously improve their technical level and product structure optimization ability The paper tape manufacturers especially introduce the key words and development trend of kraft paper tape industry in 2020.
1、 High end recycling and environmental protection kraft paper tape
In China's kraft paper tape industry, at present, most enterprises still produce all wood pulp kraft paper tape and low-end recycled and environmental protection kraft paper tape. High end environmental protection recycled kraft paper tape is still hard to see. At the same time, the supply of high-end recycled kraft paper tape products has been relatively short. At the same time, low-end kraft paper tape products are being piled up for production, resulting in low-end oversupply and high-end Kraft paper tape for end products is in short supply.
2、 FSC and other environmental certification
After years of development, kraft paper tape industry, like other industries, has also ushered in the tide of green environmental protection certification, and as an environmental protection industry chain, FSC certification has become popular. At the same time, with the higher and higher environmental protection standards in the west, the corresponding environmental protection certification is also constantly improved, and the FSC certification which acts on the whole industrial chain will be more and more strictly implemented.
3、 Integration of paper, gluing, release and coating
Integrated papermaking has been very perfect in developed countries. The integrated development of paper, glue making, release and coating is the development trend of paper industry. However, in China, there is still a long way to go. At present, most domestic kraft paper tape manufacturers are still in the relatively primitive purchase of commodity release paper coating, resulting in high production costs and competitiveness of domestic kraft paper tape manufacturers Compared with foreign manufacturers, it has no advantages.

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