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White kraft paper tape material production process!

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that the main components of white kraft paper: needle Kraft bleached pulp; including long fiber and short fiber, the long fiber used for paper making in China is generally imported, but the largest production area is Chile, as well as Finland, the United States, Russia, Sweden. Because wood pulp can be directly used for papermaking in foreign countries, and in order to facilitate transportation when importing wood pulp in China, wood pulp blocks are all purchased, and they will dissolve again when papermaking. In these processes, wood pulp will lose a lot of water, so domestic paper can't compare with imported paper in terms of tensile strength, so China is a paper-making power, not a paper-making power.
Can kraft paper be used for food packaging? The main test is whether fluorescent agent can be added to paper. Fluorescence is a carcinogen, which will form cell mutation and carcinogenesis after entering human body for a long time. Ordinary kraft paper without front is the original white kraft paper, its whiteness is not more than 85 degrees, and its whiteness is generally 82 and 83 degrees, which can be used as food packaging, (011 white kraft paper has passed the IMI food certification and QS certification); after adding, the whiteness can reach more than 90 degrees.
Main uses
1. Used to package food (this white kraft paper)
2. Manufacturing handbags, pull bags and shopping bags (the applied weight is usually 100g-200g)
3. Manufacturing envelope bag and archive bag (the applied weight is usually 70g, 80g, 90g, mainly under 100g, preferably no more than 120g)

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