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Introduction of ECO friendly kraft paper tape

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ECO friendly kraft paper tape factory to introduce :
Kraft paper tape packaging materials have the characteristics of environmental protection, recycling and cost saving. With the increasing requirements of the whole international market for the environmental protection of packaging materials, paper packaging materials are the first choice of packaging materials. In addition to environmental protection, kraft paper tape packaging materials have another special feature, that is, they can quickly achieve the purpose of fast logistics and cost saving through commodity inspection.
From the perspective of printing, kraft paper tape packaging is convenient for mechanized production and box sealing flow operation, with high production efficiency, easy to realize packaging standardization, light weight and low freight, and can be moisture-proof by laying plastic lining in the box, which is accepted in all aspects.
In addition, paper packaging is easy to leave traces of goods being stolen in the box, so it can effectively prevent the goods from being stolen. When W.P.A. and TPND are insured in the sea transportation, the insurance company will accept them.

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