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About High gram Eco friendly kraft paper tape!

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High gram Eco friendly paper tape usually refers to the environmental protection kraft paper tape with a weight of more than 80 grams.

According to the color, this kind of environmental protection non coating kraft paper tape can be divided into color and natural color. Using this kind of environmental protection kraft paper tape for heavy-duty packaging has many advantages.

The color box made of high-quality environmental protection kraft paper not only has light weight, easy to carry, but also has a wide range of raw materials Under the background of advocating sustainable development, its environmental protection has become the absolute reason for vigorous development.
At the same time, because the raw materials used for environmental protection kraft paper come from the discarded waste paper, there is no need to cut down the forest, and the continuous progress of papermaking technology now, green papermaking is completely realized, green pollution-free is the new direction of enterprise development.
Due to the fierce market competition, the external image of goods is becoming more and more important in marketing. More and more enterprises realize the importance of color box packaging in promoting brand. In the past, different products were more dependent on color printing technology, resulting in a large number of similar product packaging.
With the trend of personalized consumption becoming more and more obvious, as well as the visual fatigue caused by the similarity of printing colors, businesses have shifted their focus to the raw materials used for kraft paper. For example, more and more kraft paper is made with environmental protection kraft paper with personalized color, while powerful brand companies are more and more willing to use custom-made color box paper to highlight their personalized existence 。
In the future, more and more personalized kraft paper will be presented to the public, contributing to the improvement of commodity competitiveness. The kraft paper tape made of high gram weight environmental protection kraft paper will reflect the unique commodity characteristics, and more and more attention has been paid to it.

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