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How to use Eco friendly writable kraft paper tape?

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The writable kraft paper tape we usually use is made of kraft paper as the base material, coated with water-soluble adhesive and dried. Now it has developed into the kraft paper tape we are familiar with. These kraft paper tapes have strong adhesion and good permanent adhesion.
Moreover, due to the use of kraft paper, the tensile strength of the tape is generally very good, and the tensile strength is high to a certain extent Generally speaking, kraft paper tape is not affected by the weather.
The non-toxic and pollution-free material selection also makes kraft paper tape widely used. Up to now, we often use it to bond all kinds of plywood, bottom panel and other boards, and we also have a certain width of kraft paper tape as required At the same time, it can be adjusted as needed.
But we should pay attention to the use of kraft paper in our production
1. Beware of oxidation of kraft paper tape. The oxygen content in the air accounts for 21%, and its activity is relatively high. Therefore, kraft paper tape is easy to oxidize in the air, resulting in the kraft paper tape becoming "old".
2. Avoid sunlight. Under the sunlight, the adhesive tape will quickly decompose its own viscosity characteristics. Over time, the viscosity will be reduced, and the quality of the tape will have problems. The adhesive tape is not sticky and will not be accepted by consumers. The exposed tape is easy to "old".
3. Avoid reactions with metals. In life, any organic compounds will react with metals, and the kraft paper tape we often use contains organic compounds, which will reduce the viscosity of the adhesive tape. In addition, with the passage of time, the proportion of plasticizer carried by the tape itself will increase, resulting in the aging of the tape.
In fact, the kraft paper tape will change any object and its quality will decline if it is used for a long time. However, if we know how to maintain it, it will prolong its service life and prevent it from aging so quickly. At the same time, the tape manufacturers should be careful to prevent the deterioration, softening, solidification and loss of viscosity of the tape, and determine its production volume according to the market demand.

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