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What are the characteristics of water-based kraft paper tape

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Water based kraft paper tape (wet kraft paper tape) is mainly based on imported kraft paper, and then modified starch as adhesive

Kraft paper tape. After occupying water, it can produce strong stickiness, and then it can stop the strong sealing of the carton, water-based kraft paper
The adhesive tape is an environmental protection adhesive tape conforming to the international development trend. It can be classified according to different substrates: high temperature resistant kraft paper tape, water
There are several types of kraft paper tape, laminated kraft paper tape and reinforced kraft paper tape.

Characteristics of waterborne kraft paper tape
It has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high peel strength and strong tensile force, and its base material and adhesive will not pollute the environment
It is mainly used to replace BOPP tape and other applications, such as case sealing and binding.
How to use water-based kraft paper tape
1. First, prepare scissors, water and packed items;
2. Then use scissors to reduce the length of the tape to the appropriate length;
3. Then stick the prepared water on the tape to make it sticky.
4. Finally, the adhesive tape full of water is spread on the surface of the object to be stuck, and the adhesive is firm after the water is dry.

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