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Kraft paper tape is an Eco friendly packaging material!

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eco friendly kraft paper tape manufacturers, kraft paper packaging tape is widely used in all walks of life, the most common and used kraft paper tape packaging is generally in stores or factories. When we go to the store to buy shoes or clothes, the store will usually give us a kraft paper bag and seal it with kraft paper tape. These kraft paper tapes are usually beautifully printed.
Therefore, the probability of being reused is very large. This is why we often say that kraft paper packaging is a kind of environmental protection packaging.
Of course, no two people in the world are the same. Different people hold different opinions on whether kraft paper packaging tape is environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, people who think kraft paper packaging is not environmentally friendly mainly focus on the manufacturing process of kraft paper and the selection of raw materials. They believe that the pulp of paper packaging is obtained by cutting down trees, causing damage to the ecological environment. The other is that a large amount of sewage will be discharged in the process of making paper, causing water pollution. In fact, these views are somewhat one-sided and backward. Nowadays, large-scale kraft paper manufacturers generally adopt the integrated production of Forest Pulp, that is, through scientific management, the trees felled in the forest area will be planted to ensure that their ecology will not be damaged and take the road of sustainable development. With the continuous development of science and technology, the wastewater produced in the process of kraft paper production needs to be treated to meet the national discharge standards before being allowed to be discharged.
Environmental protection kraft paper packaging tape 100% recycling, this is the kraft paper is better than other materials packaging important point. Even for it, kraft paper will be quickly degraded in the soil, "turn into spring mud to protect flowers more.". Unlike plastic packaging, which is difficult to degrade, causing "white pollution" and having a destructive impact on the soil and the environment.
In today's more and more attention to environmental protection, an environmental protection kraft paper packaging has become the first choice of more and more manufacturers. What are you waiting for? Move quickly.

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