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market value of synthetic adhesive is expected to exceed US $2 billion

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writable kraft paper tape manufacturers to Introduced thatAccording to a new research report by global market insights Inc., the global market value of synthetic adhesives is expected to exceed $2 billion by 2024.
Adhesives are more and more widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, construction and aerospace industries instead of traditional bonding technologies such as screws, fasteners and weldments. The popularity of its application in different fields greatly reduces the structure weight, reduces the energy consumption and saves the cost. The use of structural adhesive also helps to shorten the production cycle, while protecting the overall structural strength by eliminating the need to punch holes in the assembly.
The report predicts that in the forecast period of 2018-2024, the market growth rate of acrylic synthetic adhesive will be higher than 5%. Acrylic products are widely used, such as truck parts, roof assemblies, doors, elevator doors, etc. In the application of plastics, composite materials, metal and other surface applications, acrylic resin shows high adhesion strength, even in the low temperature oil slippery surface, the performance of acrylic resin is better than that of epoxy resin
With the rapid expansion of industrialization and construction of composite materials in Vietnam and Brazil, the demand for composite materials is increasing rapidly in China. Replacing traditional building materials with composite materials (such as brick, wood, mortar, stone, etc.) has further promoted the development of the industry. Synthetic adhesives used for bonding materials not only need to bear high pressure and high load, but also can not affect the integrity of the structure.
According to the demand of aerospace industry, the market scale of MMA (methyl methacrylate) synthetic adhesive will exceed 360 million US dollars by 2024. The adhesive can also have high resistance to poor conditions (such as oil stains), high strength, more free choice of materials (such as metal, magnet, glass, wood and composite materials), and good adhesion to heterogeneous materials.
Strict regulations on VOC emission reduction and fuel efficiency improvement in the United States and Europe are also driving the growth of the synthetic adhesive industry. The European Commission has launched the cars2020 action plan to enhance the competitiveness of the automotive industry and to address climate, environmental and social challenges.
The increasing demand for composite materials in commercial and military aircraft manufacturing led to the increase of adhesive market demand. Because of its excellent toughness, strength, stiffness and high temperature resistance, adhesives are usually used in fixtures and joints to connect joints to cured parts or uncured parts like wing skin.
The North American synthetic adhesive market led by the United States is expected to grow by about 4% in the forecast period. The increasing application of synthetic adhesives in medical devices, machinery and welded pipe will also promote the industry. The increasing market demand for high-quality synthetic adhesives with excellent performance is also a favorable factor for market development.
Due to the high application demand in the field of clean energy, the market development of one component synthetic adhesive is very fast. Compared with the two-component synthetic adhesive, the application of one-component adhesive is wider and the curing time is shorter.
Cyanoacrylate synthetic adhesive has excellent instant adhesion, and its growth will be very strong in the forecast period. Each grade of adhesive has high viscosity, insensitive surface and low odor. It is usually used for adhesion of difficult substrates such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and polyolefin.

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