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Control the color difference of kraft paper tape

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Writable kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduct that,First of all, we understand the manufacturing process of kraft paper tape base paper: kraft paper tape base paper is generally made of kraft softwood pulp, which is beaten and copied on a long web paper machine.
Generally there are primary colors, natural colors, brown, brown, brown yellow and other colors. But the color change of kraft paper tape base paper is affected by the origin, climate, moisture and paper raw materials.
Generally, kraft paper tape base paper belongs to the colored paper made of base pulp, and its color is most affected by the raw wood pulp, recycled waste paper and other paper-making raw materials. When the paper-making season is different, due to the failure of strict control on the color of the original color kraft paper tape, the color difference will occur. Even if the same batch of kraft paper tape base paper color, due to the production of water and soil changes, will also cause color differences. Therefore, when purchasing, if the color requirements are very strict, you can purchase in the place close to your production place, so as to avoid the impact caused by the change of geographical location.
Due to different sources of raw materials, different production batches, different production seasons, different production machines, and many other reasons, the color of kraft paper tape base roll base paper is not the same, which is difficult to avoid and cannot be controlled, but the same batch of kraft paper tape base paper can ensure 98% color consistency.
1、 Prevention first: regardless of the sale of kraft paper tape base paper or the purchase of kraft paper tape base paper products, the color difference of kraft paper tape base paper should be treated with caution. The word "prevention needle" should always be remembered in the heart and put on the lips, from the beginning of "inquiry" to the beginning of "proofing" and "making goods" Color difference problem, let customers also realize that this problem can not be overcome.
2、 If the product has color requirements for the overall appearance and needs to be made by repeatedly turning over the sheet, it is recommended that the customer unify the base color of kraft paper before printing to ensure that the color of each batch of goods is basically the same.

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