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Writable Kraft paper tape weight and printing impact!

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writale kraft paper tape manufacturer to introduce that , when it comes to the gram number of kraft paper tape specification, people who are not making paper or often dealing with paper usually don't know what the gram number is, sometimes some customers say they need to buy kraft paper tape, I ask how many grams they need, what does he say is the gram number?
I will immediately change the way to ask, is how thick kraft paper tape do you want?
In fact, the gram of paper refers to the weight of kraft paper tape per square meter. The easiest way is to cut the kraft paper tape into a meter by one meter specification. Weigh it out, and the weight is called gram or gram weight. In fact, the gram weight is only a measurement method, which has nothing to do with the quality. The thickness of kraft paper tape with different weight is also different.
To distinguish the gram of kraft paper tape, a professional can use micrometer or caliper or measuring instrument to measure the gram of this paper, or you can use your hand to rub this paper, and you can probably know the thickness of this paper. The thickness of kraft paper tape depends on its grams. The higher the grams, the thicker it will be. The lower the grams, the thinner it will be. If you want to buy kraft paper tape, you can care about the thickness of the paper.
If the thin Kraft linerboard is used, sometimes the hardness of the products to be made is not enough, which means that the paper cannot be kept flat in the printing process, thus affecting the production efficiency and quality of the printing factory.
The thinner the paper, when printing, will reduce the production speed of the printing machine from 14000 / h to 10000 / h, which will reduce the production efficiency of the printing factory by 30%. Therefore, the specific thickness of the paper is determined according to the characteristics of what you do, whether the thicker the better, or the thinner the better. It should be the good performance of the paper printing on the machine to ensure the smooth printing The paper must have enough hardness and the printed effect can meet the requirements of customers.
Thicker kraft paper tape has better stiffness and firmness. For paper of the same material from the same manufacturer, the price per ton of paper is almost the same. The difference is that the larger the gram of paper, the higher the price per ream, and the more expensive each full sheet of paper.
Do you have an in-depth understanding of the gram number of kraft paper tape to distinguish whether it is thinner or thicker?

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