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Solve the surface static electricity of kraft paper tape!

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-10-10 21:28
According to the introduction of eco friendly kraft paper tape manufacturer, the materials used for printing kraft paper tape, such as paper, plastic, ink, adhesive and guide roller, are all insulators; printing, compounding, rewinding and slitting are "surface" work for high-speed friction, contact and separation.
Now it is winter and spring exchange season, the air is relatively dry, paper will often be due to surface electrostatic reasons and stick together, resulting in two or more sheets at the same time by the Feida nozzle suction, resulting in Feida pause. Static electricity is the substrate surface electron insufficient (positive charge) or the electron is excessive (negative charge) and produces. In the process of paper processing and transportation, due to the dry environment, the paper moisture content is relatively low, and static electricity is easy to generate. In principle, the environment with relative humidity of 40-42% is more suitable for paper storage.
1、 The paper moisture content should be controlled between 45-55%, so that the static electricity decreases with the increase of water content until it disappears;
2、 Printing workshop installation of air conditioning will be better, the relative humidity should be controlled in 50-55%. It is worth noting that: in the cold season, the air humidity will drop sharply due to air conditioning heating in the workshop with heating;
3、 Anti static equipment, such as static rod and electrostatic blower, can effectively weaken the power of static electricity, while humidifying equipment can improve the conductivity of the air, thus preventing the accumulation of electrons on the paper.

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