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Color matching of kraft paper tape

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eco friendly kraft paper tape manufactuerers to introduce that, kraft paper tape color have what?
There may be a lot of people who want to know. We talked about the color of kraft paper?
Today I would like to share with you the color of kraft paper tape?
How is the color of these kraft paper tapes adjusted?
The color of kraft paper tape is generally yellow, which is very close to the color of wood pulp. However, many domestic kraft paper tapes are made of recycled pulp, so the color will be a little gray.
The color of the imported kraft paper tape is very close to the color of wood pulp, because the paper in the kraft paper tape sales is basically made of all wood paddles, which is why many businesses choose the imported kraft paper tape, one is to ensure the color, the other is to ensure the quality.
Of course, the above-mentioned kraft paper tape is yellow on both sides, and there is also the following situation.
There is also a kind of kraft paper tape color that is white on one side and yellow on the other. We all know that the yellow color is wood pulp color, and there are many paper mills that are coated on the white side, and some are composite, many kinds of methods.
These colors are adjusted by adding water and density of wood pulp, so pay attention to the purity of wood pulp when making paper, which can be used to control color.

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