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The definition of ECO friendly kraft paper tape!

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Eco friendly kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that the fiber of environmental protection kraft paper is from plants, mostly from trees. In recent years, the global awareness of environmental protection has been rising. Some environmental protection groups have accused that paper making and using paper are not in line with environmental protection.

However, the whole world knows that without paper, human civilization will be stagnant or even retrogressive. However, they also understand the responsibility of environmental protection, so paper is made Environmental protection paper involves the following conditions:
1、 No toxic chemical treatment is needed, such as chlorine free bleaching and dyeing of pulp;
2、 Recycled paper is called recycled paper by recycling fiber;
3、 Fiber from well managed forest, such as paper supplied by FSC or PEFC certified production and marketing chain;
4、 The paper mill has obtained the international environmental certification "ISO14000" or "eco mark" or "green label";
5、 Low carbon production of "low carbon made" and carbon neutral "carbon neutral";
6、 Natural occurring segment was used;
Users choose environmental protection paper, please pay attention to whether the product description on the package meets one or more of the above requirements.

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