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How to store base paper of eco friendly kraft tape!

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eco friendly kraft tape manufacturers introduced that because kraft paper is greatly affected by the external environment, many kraft paper tape manufacturers bought kraft paper and did not know how to store kraft paper, which led to changes in kraft paper, affecting subsequent processing and causing losses. Then the kraft paper tape manufacturers teach you how to store, in order to avoid "stepping on the pit" and not cause losses?
1. It should be placed in a cool place to avoid sunlight
Kraft paper contains lignin and many other chemical components. It will fade and turn yellow after being exposed to light. The moisture content in the base paper will evaporate after exposure to the sun. The water content will change. The base paper will become brittle or deformed. If it is serious, it can not be printed on the machine.
2. Keep the storage environment dry
The base paper should not be stored in the open air as far as possible. If it is really unavoidable, it should not be too long in the open air. At the same time, it should be covered with canvas and moved into the warehouse in time to avoid rain. Base paper is very sensitive to air humidity, easy to absorb or lose moisture, resulting in lotus or tight edge, overprint and wrinkle in printing. Therefore, the storage of base paper should choose a clean and dry environment. When the base paper is stacked, it can not be stacked close to the wall. The relative humidity of the warehouse and workshop where the base paper is stored is good, and the relative humidity is kept at 50% - 65%.
3. The stack height of base paper should not be too high
The stacking height of base paper should not be too high to prevent the underlying base paper from being crushed. If it is web paper, it is also necessary to avoid damage to the paper core tube. At the same time, if the stack is too high, it is easy to collapse, causing paper products to be broken or industrial accidents. Generally, the stacking height should not exceed 5 meters.
4. Suitable temperature
The temperature of warehouse and workshop for storing base paper should be 15 ~ 25 ℃. When the base paper is stored, the temperature is not easy to be too high. If the temperature is too high, the strength of base paper will decrease significantly.

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