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Gram weight of Water activated kraft paper tape(grams)

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Water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that with the increasing use of kraft paper tape, its application scope is becoming more and more common.
At the same time, with the change of market demand, the varieties of kraft paper tape are more and more abundant.
There are white kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape, environmental protection kraft paper tape, refined kraft paper tape and other kraft paper tape products in the market, so as to make the Kraft leather Although kraft paper tape has become more and more popular, many people do not know what the gram weight or gram number of kraft paper tape means, and what the gram weight represents and what it means. These are all used by many kraft paper tapes Some questions frequently asked by households.
There are many kinds of kraft paper tape. According to the raw materials, it can be divided into recycled kraft paper tape and wood pulp kraft paper tape. According to the color, it can be divided into white kraft paper tape or kraft paper tape. No matter how we identify them, they all have a unified unit, which is the weight or number of grams. For example, 80 grams of kraft paper tape and 100 grams of kraft paper tape, 150g kraft paper tape, 300g kraft paper tape, etc., so the gram weight is an important basis for the classification of kraft paper tape.
As for many kinds of paper, including kraft paper tape, many people will question. Customers usually express doubts about gram weight. For example, customers often ask what you mean by 120 grams of kraft paper tape?
In fact, the so-called gram weight or gram number refers to the weight within a certain unit of kraft paper tape. For example, the full name of 150g kraft paper tape is 150g / m2 kraft paper tape, which directly means that the weight of kraft paper tape per square meter is 150g.
After the above introduction, I believe that the vast kraft paper tape customers will think that this is too simple, yes, it is really very simple. I hope that a simple answer can deal with your questions in your mind. The specialty is accumulated by one simple understanding. In the future, we will introduce more knowledge about the physical characteristics of kraft paper tape

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