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The solution of curving of writable kraft paper tape!

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According to the manufacturer of eco friendly kraft paper tape, high gram weight writable kraft paper tape used for all kinds of printing, especially the one with high wood pulp composition, will be more bent when it is closer to the core of the roll. If it is bent, it will be difficult to recover and print. Why does the curable kraft paper tape bend? Is there any way to solve this problem?
1. Root cause
The bending of the writable kraft paper tape is mainly caused by the temperature and humidity of the environment, which causes the paper fiber to absorb water or lose water. In addition, there is a special stress bending under the action of external stress.
2. Solutions
For the paper close to the core of the good control, can not be used to pick out. At the same time, the thicker the paperboard or the smaller the diameter of the core, the more discarded paperboard will be.
The paper can be written on the kraft paper tape moisture conditioning treatment, and then placed in the air conditioning room to adjust the temperature treatment, maintain normal temperature. If the writable kraft paper tape is bent due to water loss, place the paper in a high humidity environment and pay attention to time control.
If it is a writable kraft paper tape due to water absorption, the paper can be placed in a high temperature and low humidity environment.
Finally, the temperature and humidity of the storage environment must be paid attention to in the storage process of the writable kraft paper tape.
In addition, the general printing factory must adapt to the environment before printing, that is, put the cut paper under the same temperature and humidity as the printing environment for a period of time.

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