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What are Eco standards for recycled kraft paper tape?

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Water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers introduce that more and more manufacturers use recycled kraft paper as paper packaging materials.

What kind of recycled kraft paper is considered environmental protection and what are the real environmental protection standards of recycled kraft paper?
Recycled kraft paper can be regarded as recycled kraft paper only if all recycled pulp or more than 80% recycled pulp content is used for manufacturing raw materials. Because recycled kraft paper uses waste paper for pulping, there is no need to cut down trees, which greatly saves wood resources.

However, the use of waste paper can realize the recycling of materials, so it can be regarded as an environmental protection method, and the other is the recycling of recycled kraft paper That's how the green kraft paper comes from.
Is it possible for someone to ask whether recycled kraft paper can be called environmental protection kraft paper?
Strictly speaking, all recycled kraft paper can not be called environmental protection kraft paper. We think that environmental protection kraft paper has the premise that recycled kraft paper can not produce pollution in the production process, and only recycled kraft paper without pollution can be called recycled environmental protection kraft paper.
At present, high quality recycled kraft paper includes:
1. 80g single-sided environmental protection kraft paper full plate printing 100g single-sided kraft paper manufacturer's price
2. Full recycled kraft paper, 120 g, 200 g, 300 g recycled kraft paper manufacturer
3. Green food grade Kraft without fluorescent agent
From this point of view, recycled kraft paper is more like an industrial chain than a certain product. Only the recycled kraft paper products produced by kraft paper manufacturers that realize environmental protection in the whole process are recycled environmental protection kraft paper in the strict sense. Otherwise, it is a false proposition to say that recycled kraft paper is environmental protection kraft paper.

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