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Introduction of kraft paper tape roll base paper!

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The wet kraft paper tape manufacturer introduces that the paper mill and the end users of the web will encounter the same problems. There are many factors that cause the web kraft paper to be damaged, such as the wet water at the bottom of the web caused by not keeping well the rain, termite moth eaten, forklift fork broken and other factors will cause the web paper to be damaged by many layers. We are using or delivering the goods The most direct way is to peel off the damaged weight, but sometimes it's hard to peel off when the damage reaches 200-300 layers. Instead, we choose to calculate the weight of the damaged layers directly. Then how to calculate the damage of the web Kraft linerboard? Here's Tangxia kraft paper expert Baixin Paper Co., Ltd!
We calculate the weight of the damaged drum according to the number of damaged layers
The calculation formula is = g weight of web × width of web × 3.14 × winding diameter of web, also known as diameter × number of damaged layers
Among them, the gram weight of the base paper is converted into kg, the width and the roll diameter of the paper are converted into m, and 3.14 is the PI
For example:
A roll of kraft paper weighs 300 grams, the width of the roll is 1194mm, and the diameter of the roll is 1100mm. There are 50 layers of damaged paper on the outside. What's the weight of the damaged paper now?
The calculation method is as follows:
0.3 × 1.194 × 3.14 × 1.1 × 50 = 61.8kg, that is, 61.8kg will be deducted if 50 layers of this roll of paper are broken.

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