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What are the colors of kraft paper tape?

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Water Activated kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce,
1 / yellow: yellow or yellow brown; commonly known as yellow kraft paper.
Yellow kraft paper is one of the most common kraft paper colors on the market. The color is divided into light yellow, yellow brown, dark yellow and so on. Its yellow kraft paper is mostly used for cartons, outer packaging and printing.
Yellow kraft paper
2 / White: white kraft paper;
White kraft paper is also a common one. Usually used as handbag, food packaging and high-end color box. However, some kraft paper has a gray / white side and a yellow side, which is called white hanging face kraft paper.
White kraft paper
3 / Black kraft paper: black;
Black kraft paper, relatively speaking, is also often encountered. Some tags, high-grade paper boxes, shoe box color boxes will be used.
Coated kraft paper
4 / coated kraft linerboard is similar to white faced Kraft linerboard, but its quality is much better. It is also a white and yellow coating.

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