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What are the characteristics and functions of high temperature kraft paper tape?

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High temperature kraft paper tape is a self-adhesive kraft paper tape made of coated kraft paper and coated with high temperature and pressure-sensitive glue.

High temperature resistant kraft paper tape features: average thickness, good adhesion, good tear resistance and no glue dropping; temperature resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, etc., climate

It is a kind of environmental protection product, not easy to be damaged, environmentally friendly and durable, suitable for packing and sealing of high-quality and high-value products.
High temperature kraft paper usage: used for sealing all kinds of cartons, sponge, fabric fitting factory high temperature connection.
High temperature resistant kraft paper tape can be divided into rubber kraft paper tape, hot melt adhesive kraft paper tape and acrylic adhesive kraft paper tape from the aspect of glue.
(sinoatp) high temperature kraft paper is generally used in the interface of leather industry. The interface of paper industry is used in the high temperature environment at once. Shoe material factory, carton factory and cardboard factory,
Printing factory, leather factory, shoe factory, handbag factory, etc.
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