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writable kraft paper tape substrate&echnical indicators!

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Eco friendly writable Kraft paper tape manufacturers, by the base material and binder two parts, the binder materials are mainly thermosol, pressure sensitive adhesive, acrylic, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, etc;
Base materials are polypropylene film, polyvinyl chloride film, fiber cloth, fiber plastic, sponge, foam, cotton paper and other materials.
Characteristics and uses:
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape is made of kraft paper and coated with rubber / hot melt adhesive.
It is easy to use, easy to tear off and highly adhesive, so it is widely used in light and light packaging, paper processing industry connection and sealing packaging with high environmental requirements.
Storage and use environment:
The products should be packaged and stored in a cool and dry environment to avoid sunlight, freezing and high temperature.
The storage environment is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Avoid the place where the temperature is too high.
The adhered surface shall be clean, dry and free from grease or other contamination.
The preservation period is two years.

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