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Structure of ECO friedly kraft paper tape!

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ECO friendly Kraft paper tape in the adhesive tape category, the largest output and output value. It is usually used to seal corrugated boxes. It is the most competitive adhesive tape variety among manufacturers.
The kraft paper used for kraft paper tape is different from general kraft paper. It is a special paper processed by special stretching, which has better elongation, impact resistance and softness than general paper.
Special paper can be divided into thick and thin ones, generally 70 square meters per gram, and 49 square meters per gram for thin ones. Polyethylene is usually coated on this special paper, and then coated with silicon separator to make thick paper, which is then used for adhesive tape manufacturing. High pressure low density polyethylene (density zero point nine one - zero point nine two five )。 During processing, polyethylene is extruded into thin film or molten state by extruder, and then coated on kraft paper. In order to make the silicon insulator bond firmly, the polyethylene surface should be treated by corona. Most of the silicon isolators are solvent based liquids, which are uniformly coated on the surface of polyethylene. After the solvent volatilizes, the silicone is completely solidified. Some of these processes can be completed by themselves. Most of the factories purchase processing base paper from specialized Yihe polyethylene manufacturers, and then apply a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive to make adhesive tape,
Therefore, the composition of kraft paper adhesive tape, according to this structure, can be rolled into a roll.

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