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What kind of tape can be selected?

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There are many kinds of tape, and there are many kinds of adhesive on its surface, so the performance and strength of various brands of tape
Different, so when purchasing adhesive tape, we need to consider the following factors: the microporosity of the adhesive to be used: due to the
The onset of adhesion is caused by the rapid and monotonous infiltration of the water content of adhesive on the surface of the tape into the adhesive
The tape becomes part of the adhesive, so the microporosity of the surface of the adhesive is very important for the selection of the tape
If there is more microporosity and the moisture absorption is greater, it is necessary to use adhesive tape with fast setting speed, otherwise, adhesive with slow setting speed is used
Tape or tape containing more adhesive.
Adhesive on the surface of adhesive tape: the adhesive is applied to the bottom belt of the adhesive tape in the consumer manufacturer, and it is usually finished into a roll after it is fully dried,
If the adhesive tape is too wet, the tape itself will be very tight and stick together. It is difficult to turn it over when using it. Some of them can't be used at all.
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