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usage of wet water water kraf paper tape in winter!

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wet kraft paper tape suppliers tell you that how to use wet water water kraf paper tape in winter
There is no time to use the tape, but the application environment and skills of the tape will affect the precautions and service life of the tape,
Let's analyze the application skills of kraft paper tape, so that we can better use the tape. When using kraft paper tape, we need special
Don't pay attention, kraft paper tape has a good application effect when it is used, but there is still a higher request when it is deposited. When the tape is deposited
Special attention should be paid to that kraft paper tape should be stored in the warehouse. It should be protected from sun and rain. It should not be stored together with corrosive liquid and gas. The storage environment should be firm
Keep clean, and also request the environment to be between - 15 ℃ - 40 ℃ during the deposit time. Neither too high nor too low temperature can be deposited.
When using the adhesive tape, you should also pay attention to that the kraft paper adhesive tape can have good application effect only in a clean environment. If there is any influence of foreign matters, it may
Let the tension of the tape be affected, so that the tape will break, so we should pay special attention to the use of scientific tape. Also in use
Pay attention to the impact of abrasion when the tape is used. Store the tape well to prevent the environment of abrasion.
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