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Introduction to the types of kraft paper tape!

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The kraft paper tape manufacturer introduced that there are many kinds of kraft paper tape, and the functions of different sticky kraft paper tape are different
Here are some common types and uses of kraft paper tape
1: Wet kraft paper tape
Wet kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper and coated with wet water glue
General use of wood pulp and recycled kraft paper coating
Choose the material of paper according to your needs
Wet kraft paper tape is sticky and has strong adhesion after passing through water

Mainly used for:
a> Because the viscosity of wet water is not affected by temperature and humidity, it is widely used in international shipping with long logistics time
b> The wet water glue is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The glue surface is soluble in water and will not leave residual glue. It is also widely used in the binding and sealing of food, vegetables and fruits
c> It is suitable for special industries, such as wood splicing, gypsum board edge sealing, wallpaper pasting and other places where there is no pollution to the pasted parts
2: Kraft paper tape without water
Common kraft paper tape is coated with hot melt adhesive, water glue, etc
It is made of coated kraft paper and coated with acrylic glue or natural rubber glue. It has waterproof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, good persistence, no edge warping and stable weather resistance
It is mainly suitable for sealing, bundling, gluing, etc
3: Kraft paper adhesive tape
Made of kraft paper coated with water glue or oil glue and coated with coated paper as base material
Common labels include drug label, food label, wine label, battery label, outer box label, shampoo label, bar code label, temporary label of semi waste products, etc
4: Hot melt adhesive kraft paper tape
Hot melt adhesive coated on kraft paper
It needs to be heated to produce viscosity
Mainly used for edge sealing of cement bags, adhesive tape of gluing machine, etc

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