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Transparent cellophane tape

  • brand:Loupac
    Specifications:width 45mm x 100m / roll
  • Telephone:+86 13306134570
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Specification: width 45mm x 100m / roll
Specification: width 50 mm x 100m / roll .
Transparent cellophane tape is made of special cellophane. The film is composed of natural biological materials and water-based pressure sensitive adhesive. It has the characteristics of easy tearing, high transparency, long shelf life, degradable, anti-static or weather resistance.
In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, it is widely used for light packaging in home and industry, pasting and fixing of display products, temporary binding and fixing during processing. It can be used for ink test, acid and alkali resistant bandaging, etc.
In addition to transparent degradable tape, the general product range also includes colored, printed or printable degradable tape.
1. ECO Friendly and degradable packaging
Transparent cellophane tape is a concept of sustainable development and provides a perfect packaging method for green solutions.
Because its material is made of paper, in addition to pollution-free, degradable and recyclable characteristics, and provide sustainable green packaging solutions.
2. Flexible and efficient, save time
The flexible and efficient packaging method for various items can make the product packaging quickly and flexibly used, and can easily handle the peak shipment period and improve the efficiency.
3. Presentation of beautiful packaging results
Transparent cellophane tape, you can show customers beautiful packaging shape and good unpacking experience. Let your customers really experience high-end and exquisite product experience when they receive the goods.
It is suitable for electronic products packaging, medicine packaging, art packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift packaging, fruit packaging, lighting packaging and so on.

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