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Writable kraft tape is a simple&ECO friendly packaging material!

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ECO friendly adhesive kraft tape manufacturers introduced that simplicity, simplicity and environmental protection are the mainstream development trend of packaging design. In pursuit of simple design, the selection of materials is very important.
Choosing a good material is very important to realize the ideal design scheme. Many people say that generally speaking, the reverse theory can be used to write kraft paper tape packaging, which is natural in realizing simple and natural packaging design scheme What are the characteristics of the writable kraft paper tape that the designers agree with?.
1. Writing kraft tape is simple and natural
The writable kraft paper tape is made of wood pulp. In the production process, no other chemical substances are added and no bleaching agent is used. The finished products still keep the natural texture of wood pulp. When using the writable kraft paper tape for packaging, the designer relies on the natural characteristics of the writable kraft paper tape and matches with the simple design style On the realization of a very simple introduction to the natural packaging style.
2. Simple printing
Less is more, simple printing can achieve simple and natural packaging needs a premise, that is to have a material to help achieve, on all paper materials, writable kraft paper tape is the only paper material to meet this requirement.
3. How to grasp the customer's heart with the simple packaging scheme of writable kraft paper tape
Brands with writable kraft paper tape packaging style are good at capturing customers' Psychology - they don't want to be inundated with miscellaneous information.
Concise form can show aesthetic taste, but also can directly and effectively convey the core of the brand and what it focuses on selling. If we want to make a further distinction, the writable kraft paper tape packaging may be a minimalist and abstract style with a sense of science and technology, or it may adopt a soft design to show delicate temperament or positioning in a low-key manner.

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