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Performance of wet kraft tape base paper?

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What are the important indicators of wet kraft paper tape?
1、 Core elements
1. Gram weight 2, specification 3, thickness 4, tightness 5, burst strength 6, burst index 7, moisture 8, viscosity.

2、 What are the common kraft paper tape applications?
Kraft paper has good bursting strength because of its hard material.
The thickness of kraft paper is very thick. Generally, it is used for printing, cartons and cardboard. It feels very thick.

The main grams are more than 200 grams, and the highest is more than 500 grams. Industrial packaging, daily life computer packaging and mobile phone packaging boxes.
3、 Performance elements of kraft paper tape
Kraft paper tape must be tough, with high bursting strength, ring crush strength and tear strength, as well as high water resistance.
Generally speaking, the quality of most imported kraft paper is better than that of domestic kraft paper, especially the quality of kraft / cardboard made in the United States is the best.
The test items include: quantitative, thickness, tightness, burst resistance, burst index, ring crush strength, transverse ring pressure index, breaking length, tearing degree, sizing degree, moisture content, quantitative difference of banner, transverse bending resistance, etc.

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