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The paper pulp of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape

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The pulp extracted from wood by chemical method is chemical pulp compared with mechanical pulp.
Chemical pulp is made mainly of chemicals when making pulp. Of course, there are some differences according to the drugs used and the manufacturing methods.

In the process of removing the intermediate lignin from the raw material, the pulp has the disadvantages of low raw material utilization and high production cost.
Kraft pulp is a kind of pulp made by chemical method, also known as kraft pulp. Kraft means solid in Swedish.

Because the paper made from the pulp made by the byproduct Mirabilite in Swedish chemical plant is very strong, so it is called kraft paper.
Semi chemical pulp is a kind of pulp made by chemical treatment, which first removes part of the lignin contained in the wood, and then smashes the remaining softened wood chips mechanically. In other words, chemical treatment and mechanical treatment account for half of the manufacturing methods.

The purity and strength of semi chemical pulp are higher than that of wood pulp, that is, mechanical treated pulp, and the yield of semi chemical pulp is higher than that of chemical pulp made by chemical method.

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