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Compressibility of paper for writable kraft paper tape!

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ECO friendly writable kraft paper tape manufacturer introduces kraft paper used as packaging material. It's very strong. It is usually yellowish brown. The kraft pulp is light brown, cream or white.
In life, kraft paper is also widely used in making paper bags, envelopes, exercise books and so on.
In addition to the original compression of the paper, also known as the degree of compression after the recovery of the paper.
The compressibility is related to the size of the pressure. When the pressure is small, the paper can return to its original state when the pressure is stopped because the paper has a certain elasticity. On the contrary, if the pressure on the paper increases to a certain value, it can not completely restore the original state, which is the compressibility of the paper.
Generally, the compressibility of paper is very important for printing paper. Because the paper must bear certain pressure when printing, the ink can be transferred from the plate to the paper. If the paper does not have a certain compressibility, the image and text on the printing plate can not completely contact with the paper surface, and the ink can not be transferred to the paper, resulting in fuzzy printing and reduced printing effect.
Moreover, the paper with good elastic-plastic properties can reduce the requirements for the smoothness of the paper and the surface roughness of the printing plate, so as to improve the clarity of the printed pictures and texts.
If the paper is pressed instantaneously, the paper is compressed. When the pressure is removed, the paper can return to its original state, which is called the sensitive elasticity of paper.
If the paper is pressed for a long time, in addition to the deformation of the paper produced at the moment of pressure, with the increase of the time of paper compression, the deformation of the paper also increases slowly. When the pressure is removed from the surface of the paper, the slow deformation due to the slow deformation of the paper is gradually recovered, which is called the anelasticity of the paper.
In other words, the elasticity of kraft paper consists of two parts: anelasticity and sensitive elasticity. However, this recoverable deformation only occurs when the pressure is within a certain range, that is, it does not exceed the elastic limit of the paper. If the pressure exceeds the elastic limit of the paper, irrecoverable deformation will occur.

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