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Hardness issue of Eco friendly writable kraft paper tape!

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The introduction of writable kraft paper tape manufacturers, speaking of kraft paper, we must be very familiar with it. Kraft paper, as a tough and water-resistant packaging paper, is brownish yellow and widely used in the production of paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, etc. Nowadays, with the modern society paying more and more attention to environmental protection, kraft paper is favored by many consumers because of its recyclable, durable and other characteristics. However, when using kraft paper, it will encounter various problems, such as hardness. So, what is the cause.
Generally speaking, the same gram of kraft paper may have different hardness, which is mainly due to the pulp. As the raw material of kraft paper is plant fiber, the wood fiber content of the trunk part of the tree is the highest. Therefore, the kraft paper produced by kraft paper has the highest hardness, which is commonly known as pure wood pulp kraft paper.
However, kraft paper also has recycled paper, recycled kraft paper will add bark, rags and other materials, hardness will be defective.
The hardness of kraft paper depends on the content of wood fiber in the paper. The higher the content, the better the hardness of kraft paper.
The fiber content of different varieties of trees is different, and the fiber content of trees in different regions is also different, so the hardness of kraft paper produced after being made into pulp will be different.
Therefore, to achieve the same hardness, using the same batch of kraft paper is the best.

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