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Why can't the writable kraft paper sealing tape stick?

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Introduction of writable kraft paper tape manufacturers:

Why can't the kraft paper sealing tape stick?

If we just bought the kraft paper tape, we find that many of the sealing tape is not sticky, which must be the product quality problem.

We can ask for the return of the products, or ask the tape manufacturer or the tape supplier to deal with it.

If it has been a long time since the purchase and a large number of tape quality problems have been found, it may be due to our storage method.
The adhesive tape will be reduced when it meets water. Please check whether there is water in our warehouse in the last period of time, or whether the ground is wet. If you have kraft tape, it's normal. We

should keep the warehouse dry and ventilated.

Another reason is that when storing kraft paper tape, it is put together with other daily necessities, such as washing powder, detergent, soap, soap, etc.

These daily necessities are alkaline, and will react with the pressure-sensitive adhesive in kraft paper tape, making the viscosity of pressure-sensitive adhesive lose viscosity.

Another reason is that the kraft paper tape you bought has been stored for a long time.

The tape is broken. The shelf life of ordinary kraft paper tape is one and a half to two years. The longer the adhesive tape, the longer the shelf life.
Glue general solid content of high viscosity will be good, the market commonly used in the general solid content of about 50, to stick well, it is best to use 52 solid content.

But the price may differ by 200 yuan a ton.

The thickness of glue is also related. Generally, the thickness of coating is about 20-22.

The thinner the coating is, the worse the viscosity is.

However, the thicker the coating is, the better the viscosity will be.

The hand feels very sticky, this is the initial adhesion force is good, after sticking oneself jump, is the holding adhesion is not good.

The holding force of the initial adhesive force is inversely proportional, that is to say, if you touch the adhesive tape with your hand, the adhesion will be poor.
Of course, there are many reasons why kraft paper tape does not stick.

Our main purpose is to find out the cause of the damage of the adhesive tape, deal with it in time and reduce our loss.

As long as we carefully analyze, find out the cause of viscosity loss.

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