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Writable kraft paper tape characteristics!

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Introduction to the manufacturer of the writable kraft paper tape and the characteristics of the sealing tape
Instantaneous adhesive force: the sealing tape is firmly bonded.
Fixability - even with very little pressure, it can stick to the workpiece as you want. Easy to tear off - easy to tear off the tape without stretching and dragging.
Controlled unfolding - the tape can be pulled away from the coil in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.
Flexibility: the sealing tape can easily adapt to the sharp curve shape.
Thin type - sealing tape does not leave a thick edge accumulation.
Smoothness: the sealing tape feels smooth and does not irritate the hand when pressed by hand.
Anti transfer - adhesive will not be left after the sealing tape is removed.
Solvent resistant: the backing material of sealing tape prevents solvent penetration.
Anti cracking - the sealing tape will not crack.
Anti retraction: the sealing tape can stretch along the curved surface without retraction and separation.
Peel resistance - the paint will adhere to the backing of the tape.

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