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How to make writable kraft paper tape!

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Have you ever used writable kraft paper tape? Why is it easy to peel the tape off the reel, but once it's stuck on the paper, it sticks tight?
It turns out that both sides of the adhesive tape are coated with medicament, one side is coated with stripping agent, the other side is coated with adhesive, which is the secret of making adhesive tape.
In addition, the tape looks like transparent plastic, but it's actually made of sawdust, cotton, flax, grass and other raw materials. What's the process of tape making? Let's have a look.
The first step is to make adhesive paper pulp
1. Making pulp (the product obtained by processing wood, rattan grass and other plant fibers), and then adding chemicals to mix fully;
2. Stir the pulp like porridge, and then place it for a while;
3. Add carbon dioxide or caustic soda to dissolve the pulp again;
4. After filtration, the original paste for making adhesive paper is obtained.
The second step is to make adhesive tape
1. Press the stock pulp into thin long strips;
2. Coagulate the original pulp with coagulant;
3. Put the stock pulp into bleach and softener, and then wash it with water;
4. Roll up the film after drying.
The third step is to apply stripping agent and primer
Apply stripper to the top of the tape, apply the backing glue to the bottom, and then roll it up again.
Step 4 apply adhesive
1. Apply adhesive to the side of the adhesive paper which has been coated with the primer, and then roll it up;
2. Dry the tape.
Step 5 cutting
Roll the dried tape into a large roll, then rewind it to the required length, and then cut into the required width.
Step 6 packing
Put the cut tape into the box and the transparent tape is finished.
Tips: tape was invented by Americans
Tape was invented by Americans in 1930. It originated from the protective tape used in painting automobiles (paper tape used to cover parts that do not need color or paint when painting).
At first, the adhesive tape was used to pack articles. Later, the transparent and strong adhesive tape was widely used to repair books or broken glass. Gradually, the tape became an indispensable daily product for families and workplaces.

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