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writable kraft paper tape to introduce the difference between glue&tape!

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Introduction of writable kraft paper tape manufacturers,According to the manufacturer, with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, glue is a well-known item. Glue is a very common item in daily life. The function of glue is very simple. It is a connection between two things. With the development of science and technology, there are many kinds of glue. Solid glue, glue, white milk glue, etc. are common items in daily life.
Glue has a wide range of functions, including transparent glue and paste glue. The viscosity of glue under different conditions is different, and the items with different viscosity will also be different. Glue and adhesive tape are used to stick objects. The physical condition of glue is a little more complicated than that of adhesive tape. The application of glue needs to wait for the glue in the center of the two items to completely dry out.
What's the difference between glue and tape.
The word glue comes from early French and later Latin, meaning "close", that is to use some material to bond some objects together. This idea has existed since ancient times. As far back as 3000 years ago, there was an image of a craftsman using glue on an Egyptian tombstone. Because the word glue means to stick together, many kinds of materials are called glue. For example, there are inorganic glue, vegetable glue, fish glue and many artificial glue.
Traditionally, glue is made from animal bone cells and skin. After making these materials correctly, heating them, and then monotonizing the solution, you get glue. In fact, if you take a cooked chicken out of the refrigerator, you will see that there is a clear layer of jelly on the surface of the chicken juice. This is actually an impure glue solution. When the glue solution is large and ready, you can start to filter, clarify, and evaporate the hot solution, resulting in a monotonous concentration. Another way to make glue is to allow the glue solution to condense into a solidified gel. Then, the gel is sliced and spread out on the net, and the warm air in the dry fan is used to make the net monotonous.
In many industrial sectors, a small amount of glue is used in many aspects. For example: the bonding of wood products and plywood in furniture, piano and toys need to use glue. Glue is also very useful in book binding and carton manufacturing. There's glue on all kinds of adhesive paper, as well as on the heads of fireworks, matches and dolls. When you hold a new note and listen to the crackle, that's because the bill has been glued. Without glue, sandpaper can't get through the mill. Glue made of natural materials will decay quickly, so preservatives must be added. If you don't, your glue solution may rot and stink. The glue should be made in time, and the reason is that the glue solution is made by using the solute of pulling glue. A large number of glue for sale is always in the shape of a grain. Before using the glue solution, the glue solution is prepared by pulling the glue.
We have learned about the process of making glue. With the continuous progress of science and technology, glue is becoming more and more extensive. The appearance of glue facilitates our daily life and improves our daily needs. The classification of glue is classified according to different standards, some according to the raw materials of glue, and some according to the glue The physical form of water can be classified, some according to the material it adheres to. Different kinds of glue have different functions. The difference between glue and tape is that the use of glue will make people invisible. Glue is the precursor of adhesive tape.

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