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Technical specifications of writable kraft paper tape!

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ECO friendly kraft paper tape manufacturer introduced that What are the technical specifications that writable kraft paper tape in general?
1. Kraft paper ration: it can be said that ration is one of the fundamental performance indexes of kraft paper, and ration is regarded as the characteristic parameter of kraft paper. The so-called quantitative is the mass per unit area of paper and paperboard measured by the regular experimental method, and the unit is g / ㎡.
The accuracy of kraft paper quantitative determination is related to the area accuracy of the tested sample and the accuracy of weighing and installation. The test method specification has strict requirements for sample saving appliances and robust instruments
2. Kraft paper thickness: in fact, it can be recalculated by kraft paper grams, but there will be some small errors.
The thickness of kraft paper, kraft paper weight and thickness, ordinary high weight thickness.
In the process of forming, the press size of fiber arrangement and the difference of fiber material will affect the loose thickness. It may be simply the press change to adjust the thickness. If the pressure is large, the thickness will be small.
3. Physical properties of kraft paper represented by bursting band: it is a physical strength index. Is the average increase in pressure per unit area of paper and paper, expressed in kPa. Usually we measure it on the Mullen breaking resistance instrument of the ring press ring. The value directly obtained from the instrument is called bursting strength. Divide the bursting strength by the gram weight of paper to get the bursting index of paper or paperboard.
4. Kraft paper color: mainly focus on the color difference of various kraft paper, customers can provide example comparison will be better.
5. Kraft paper specification: including roll or paperback, width, size, etc.
6. Melting point, initial adhesion, holding adhesion, initial adhesion, holding adhesion, etc.

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