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South Korea recyclable new ECO friendly tape

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According to degradable ECO friendly paper tape manufacturer, JEIL Industry Co., Ltd., a global expert in various types of industrial tape consumption in South Korea, announced in 2018 to launch two new environmental protection tapes that can be recycled in water or alkali solution.
JEIL's new tape can be easily dissolved in water or alkali solution, which means that packaging materials can be recovered without removing the tape, thus significantly improving environmental protection.
Tape can be applied to all kinds of materials, including newspaper, ordinary paper packaging, drug packaging and food packaging materials. The width of water-soluble tape (jl614 type) and alkali soluble tape (jl615 type) is 50mm, and the length is up to 50m.
Another environmental protection tape introduced by JEIL - KT - is uncoated paper tape, which uses special adhesive to complete the 100% recovery rate of box packaging. Different from the traditional rubber material adhesive, KT paper tape uses special environmental protection adhesive in the coating, which can provide excellent adhesive force at hot and cold temperature.
KT's safe adhesive has great value after recycling packaging materials and proved economic and environmental benefits. KT also introduces water-soluble and alkali soluble tapes, which are used in newspaper materials, paper materials, drug packaging and food packaging. Based on these achievements, JEIL applied for a patent for KT.
JEIL also launched a new type of industrial special tape (700 series models) in the global market, including industrial tape for power wiring, silicon tape for water and heat protection, industrial tape for paint maintenance, and copper tape for electrical appliances.
JEIL has developed a new foil type aluminum tape for use in electronic components and household appliances (such as refrigerators) such as aluminum tape and aluminum pet tape. After this development, Jeil began to promote aluminum foil tape to electrical consumers around the world. The aluminum surface of the new foil type aluminum strip is scattered with adhesive similar to the ordinary OPP tape, thus significantly reducing the volume of the aluminum strip.
Cheol hokim, CEO of JEIL industries, said: "since the first quarter of next year, these environmentally friendly products will become our main products to enter the US, Europe and South America markets. Thanks to the experience of tape industry for 26 years, we have established a perfect system to provide customers with various tape products and customized products according to their needs. "

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