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transparency of degradable kraft paper tape!

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Degradable kraft paper tape opacity refers to the opacity of paper. The opacity of paper depends on the light scattering ability of paper, the number of light scattering interfaces (i.e. the number of independent particles inside) and the difference of refractive index of scattering interfaces. The more light scattering interface, the greater difference of refractive index between scattering interface, the greater light scattering ability and the higher opacity of paper.
The paper products of degradable kraft paper tape are mainly used as production materials, more than half of which are used as printing materials, so most of the degradable kraft paper tape must be able to provide opacity. The opacity of paper is essentially the result of the dispersion of light by the structure of "optical homogeneity" of paper. The mechanism of the opacity in paper includes reflection, refraction, diffraction and absorption.
There are many factors that affect the opacity of degradable kraft paper tape. The main factors are fiber binding force. In addition, the properties and amount of pigment, the use of retention aids, the quantity of paper, the linear pressure of paper press and calendering, etc. also affect the opacity. Each index of paper restricts each other The paper-making process is to maximize the performance of all raw materials and achieve a balance of all indicators.

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