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How to make coated kraft paper tape?

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers, coated kraft paper tape is how to manufacture? Therefore, the name "coated kraft paper" is the separation of "membrane" and "kraft paper".
The so-called "coating" is that the film is evenly poured on the surface of the paper, so that it can be evenly attached to the surface of the paper, and finally reach the product requirements. However, what we use is the granular plastic raw material after high temperature condensation into liquid, evenly coated on the surface of kraft paper, to ensure a stronger adhesion ability.
The coated kraft paper we consume can make different waste effects according to different requirements of customers.
1. Paper plastic parting type. That is to say, the waste of coated kraft paper can still be separated from the plastic film very casually after being used by customers. The purpose of this action is first to meet the special process requirements of customers; second, it is conducive to the recycling application of waste products. If paper and plastic are scrapped together, the cost of other recycling and re application will be high. If paper and plastic are separated, the reshaping cost can be reduced.
2. Type separation. The purpose of waste coated kraft paper is to separate the products, to request better function of separating, and to manufacture electronic adhesive products, double-sided adhesive and other products.
Coated kraft paper, many people may not have heard of, but in the market is everywhere. After processing, the coated paper is changeable and various. The application scope of coated paper is more and more wide: chemical industry, food, wood, paper, life, medicine bag and other places can use coated paper!

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