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How to control printed color of kraft paper tape!

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Wet water reinforced kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that kraft paper tape is a more widely used packaging material in modern industrial production. The kraft paper tape passing the quality inspection is usually shown as light brown or cream white, but in the actual use process, we often see some stores that the so-called kraft paper tape does show other colors, so why this problem?
It is understood that there is a better printing color quality in the production process of kraft paper tape, and the printing process needs to be strictly controlled. Sometimes, in order to accurately achieve color reproduction on the ordinary kraft paper tape, even more careful than printing on some ordinary white paper.
Because the common kraft paper tape itself is light brown, the color effect of printing ink is worse than that of ordinary white paper, which requires the use of some more colorful pigments to increase the contrast between the background paper color and printing color, which is the best way to improve the color only brush.
In order to further improve the color quality of kraft paper tape printing, we can also increase the color softness by adding white in the ink.
With the continuous improvement of modern printing technology, there have been many inks specially used for kraft paper tape printing. By using these inks, the printing quality of kraft paper tape can be well guaranteed, so consumers need to choose carefully according to their own needs.

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