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kraft paper is different from recycled kraft paper for tape!

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that kraft paper is a kind of paper widely used in the market, but kraft paper also has common kraft paper and recycled kraft paper, many people do not understand the connection between the two very well, if from a professional point of view, the two are not opposite or mutually integrated. But there are some differences between the two:
1、 Differences between raw materials
In terms of raw materials, recycled kraft paper is mainly made of waste paper. The raw materials of ordinary kraft paper include wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, coniferous pulp, broad-leaved pulp, etc., which can be manufactured separately or mixed. In terms of raw materials, the requirements of ordinary kraft paper are not very strict, and the content of recycled kraft paper waste pulp is more than 80%.
2、 Difference in use
The difference between the two kinds of kraft paper is not very big. Many commodities use these two kinds of materials in general. However, for some specific product requests, kraft paper materials with high strength and toughness, or materials in direct contact with food, will usually use kraft paper consumed by all needle pulp, and for the performance of environmental protection and cost saving, it is more inclined to use recycled kraft paper.
3、 Difference in price
Due to the difference of consumption materials, the cost difference will be formed between the two. In general, the cost of recycling resources used in recycled kraft paper is slightly lower, so the price of recycled kraft paper is slightly lower than that of ordinary kraft paper, but this does not mean that it will be lower than that of ordinary kraft paper.

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