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categories of self-adhesive kraft paper tape for case sealin

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Self adhesive box sealing adhesive kraft paper tape (water-free): the product is sticky under normal conditions. After uncoiling, it can be directly pasted and pressed to produce extremely strong viscosity.
So what are the common types? Let's take a look at the relevant types with our wet kraft paper tape manufacturers.
1. Non coated kraft tape: kraft paper base material does not need to be coated but directly caulked for anti sticking treatment, coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, uncoiled

Can be used, with good adhesion. Because its surface can be arbitrarily altered and written, it is also called "writable kraft paper tape".
2. Water free fiber reinforced kraft paper tape: with fiber reinforced kraft paper as the base material, with high tensile strength, ready to use, for special purpose Packing, carton sealing.
3. Self adhesive white kraft paper tape: white kraft paper made of white kraft paper as base material and pressure-sensitive adhesive as adhesive, suitable for white
Color box or food, cosmetics and other product packaging, export carton sealing.

4. Hot melt adhesive kraft tape: kraft paper tape coated with hot-melt adhesive, with strong viscosity, suitable for ordinary case sealing. Color: kraft paper
5. water glue kraft paper tape: emulsion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system, with water as the medium, environmental protection and safety, no pollution, sticky, adhere to the force is good.
6. Oil adhesive kraft paper tape: PE film release treatment, adhesive solvent based pressure-sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, strong adhesion, no warping and rebound after sealing.
7. Rubber type Kraft rubber paper: it is made of high-quality wood pulp paper as the base material, coated with polyethylene on one side, and then removed from the mold, and coated with high viscosity rubber type pressure-sensitive adhesive on the other side
It is famous for its good temperature resistance and high viscosity.

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