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Where can kraft paper tape be used?

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       Kraft paper tape has been liked by many customers in our life. It's easy to use, but in the process of using it,
There are always a variety of problems, leading to poor application effect. What is the reason? Let's understand today
What about the range of tape?
1. Insulating tape: the insulating tape has good insulation, fire resistance, voltage resistance and other properties
This kind of tape can not be replaced by other tapes, such as transparent tape, which has no insulation effect.
2. Packaging tape: this tape shall have good viscosity and wear resistance, because the goods will inevitably have friction in the process of transportation
It will cause damage to the product packaging and affect the transportation.
3. Maintenance tape: this kind of tape shall have many properties such as wear resistance and tear resistance. The maintenance of the surface of some articles shall be suspended to avoid external force
Elements constitute damage and reduce the loss of goods.
So we should pay attention to the selection when using the tape, and also need to think about the quality of the tape. It seems very simple when selecting the tape, but
There are many ways. This paper is provided by kraft paper tape manufacturer for reference only.

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