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Test methods&judgment rules of coated kraft Gummed paper Tape!

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Test method of kraft Gummed paper Tape base paper:
(1) Appearance: visual inspection under fluorescent lamp.
(2) The specifications and dimensions are as follows: sample with base paper gram weight sampler, place the sample on an electronic scale with an accuracy of 0.01g, and weigh the gram weight to be the weight of the base paper and PE composite;
Put the weighed sample into ordinary ethanol solution, soak for 20min, separate PE from base paper, wash and air dry. The weight is the weight of PE film; subtract the film weight from the total weight is the gram weight of base paper; the width is measured with a tape measure with an accuracy of 1 mm.
(3) The contents of heavy metals, fluorescent substances, decolorization test and microorganism were determined according to GB / t5009.78, and the consumption of evaporation residue and potassium permanganate was determined according to GB / t5009.60.
Inspection rules for kraft Gummed paper Tapebase paper:
(1) Raw materials purchased in the same specification are one batch, but one batch shall not be greater than 20t;
(2) The supplier shall ensure that the products produced meet the requirements of this standard. During the first inspection at the factory, the manufacturer must provide a third-party effective test report;
(3) In the first inspection, if any unqualified items are found, double samples shall be taken from the original batch to recheck the unqualified items. If there are still unqualified items, the batch is unqualified; if the sanitary performance is unqualified, the whole batch is unqualified;
(4) The non conformity found in the process of receiving goods to production shall be treated as unqualified.

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